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About Us

Our History

Founded in 1996, Accent Lawn Care & Landscaping (a.k.a., Accent Landscape Management) is a proud and proven provider of quality landscaping, installation and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers throughout the DFW area. Our approach to provide outstanding customer service has helped to build a reputation as one of the finest service providers in the industry. We achieve this through building and cultivating relationships by partnering with our clients to deliver experienced, knowledge-based solutions to everyday challenges and identifying opportunities for improvement each and every day.

Our Vision

To provide outstanding customer service to our clients through an innovative, solutions-oriented approach to solving common and complex challenges. We seek to build and cultivate enduring relationships, where, through a strong partnership with our customers and clients, we deliver uncompromising results.

Our Approach

A luscious, thick lawn and a beautiful flowing landscape is the hallmark of a beautiful property, but establishing healthy and consistent growth involves time, dedication and experience. Homeowners and renters greatly value their lawns but rarely have the time to care for them properly. Property Managers need a partner who will provide outstanding service that maintains and enhances a commercial property. That’s why we started Accent Landscape Management. Our goal is to help our clients attain the property they desire and provide the maintenance each property deserves, through high quality workmanship by leveraging our expertise and knowledge in landscaping.

Our Services

At Accent Landscape Management, we believe in offering a comprehensive service. Nobody should need to have multiple companies to maintenance their lawn or install their project. That’s why we offer full-scale services such as:

  • Lawn Care & Maintenance: Cutting the lawn is something few of us have time for. At Accent Landscape Management our expert team provides regular scheduled mowing, weeding and upkeep. We have full-scale Maintenance Service packages available to handle all of your lawn care and property needs.
  • Landscaping Maintenance: Whether you are planting new shrubs and flowers or just desire some fresh compost and mulch, our landscaping services will meet the most particular needs. We don't just install, we take it to the next step and maintain the investment - making the most out of your beautiful landscaping.
  • Irrigation: Maintaining the health of your lawn is great, but overwatering can actually harm the appearance of your yard and even cause damage to your property. Our knowledgeable staff can help to provide solutions for sustainable, efficient irrigation.
  • Hardscape: Patios and walkways are just the beginning of what our team is capable of. Take a look at our gallery or we can assist in a design that meets and exceeds your expectations and dreams of an outdoor oasis.

Our Promise

Our city can be a busy place and few of us have the time in our busy lives to take care of the green spaces of our property. At Accent Landscape Management, we can help. Our incredible team of dedicated landscaping professionals are able to provide maintenance, design and installation services that will leave your lawn greener and healthier than ever. We offer No Obligation, Free Estimates for any project or service and we promise to do everything within our power to exceed your expectations!